Scottish Oncology Pharmacy Practice Group (SOPPG)

The Scottish Oncology Pharmacy Practice Group is a Specialist Interest Group with an Executive Committee comprised of the three regional lead pharmacists plus the NHS Board lead cancer pharmacists from across Scotland. The terms of reference for the Executive Committee describe processes for two-way communication with the Scottish Directors of Pharmacy via a named member of the National Acute Pharmacy Services Group.

The remit of the group is to improve the quality of pharmaceutical care provided to patients with cancer, by various means, including promotion of education and training, communication and networking, efficiencies and shared learning. The overall principle is to ensure a collaborative effort to deliver national strategic priorities through “Once for Scotland” approaches.

The current key priorities for the group include the planning and delivery of an annual conference, developing job planning for cancer care pharmacists with consideration of the impact of new cancer medicines and the development of non-medical prescribing roles and exploring new models of SACT (Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy) delivery, including homecare and community pharmacy dispensing.

The group is also continuing to build the network of cancer care pharmacists and technicians across Scotland, to include an improved and efficient communications strategy.

The group is chaired by Judith Jordan ([email protected]). Judith has worked as a cancer care pharmacist since 2003, principally within oncology out-patient services and was previously the lead cancer care pharmacist within NHS Grampian. Since November 2017, she has been the Regional Lead Pharmacist for the North of Scotland cancer network, i.e. the North Cancer Alliance.

Judith Jordan

Judith Jordan


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