Let’s Talk About SACT – a BOPA Podcast


A Cancer Pharmacy Podcast brought to you by The British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA). The purpose of the podcast is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer through education.

We release 1-2 episodes on a monthly basis and each episode varies in length, but will generally be between 15 to 40min long.

Contact us: If you would like to get in touch about being on the podcast or to give a review: please contact us on [email protected] or tweet us @BOPACommittee



Meet your Podcast Host – Michal Sladkowski

Our podcast editors are: Eleanor Ball, Chiara Creed and Michal Sladkowski.

Our latest episodes:

31. Let’s Talk About The UK Charity For TNBC Ft. Robin Woolcock (July 2024)- In this episode we are joined by Robin Woolcock. We discuss Robin’s experience with TNBC, the reason for setting up The UK Charity for TNBC, available support for patients and staff and much more. To access the website click the following link: https://www.ukcharityfortnbc.org/

30. Let’s Talk About Supporting Transgender Patients Ft. Alison Berner (June 2024)- In this episode we are joined by Alison Berner. We discuss available resources to better support transgender patients, special considerations, creating supportive and inclusive environments and much more.

29. Let’s Talk About Research Ft. Pinkie Chambers (May 2024)- In this episode we are joined by Pinkie Chambers. We discuss her current research project, the role of a pharmacist as a principal investigator and getting involved in research.

28. Let’s Talk About Inequalities And The British Asian Cancer Charity Ft. Nusrat Latif (May 2024) -In this episode we are joined by Nusrat Latif. We discuss the British Asian Cancer Charity, current initiatives at tackling inequalities, current projects, campaigns and much more.

27. Let’s Talk About BOPA In 2024 Ft. Joe Williams (April 2024) -In this episode we are joined by the BOPA chair, Joe Williams. We discuss changes in the executive committee, plans for BOPA in 2024 and reflect on the past year.