Cancer Pharmacy Education & Training Standards

This programme has been developed to ensure that there is a baseline standard for training for all pharmacy staff within the UK who verify SACT prescriptions or discuss treatment with cancer patients. This guidance applies to parenteral and oral administration of SACT.


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Principles for all

All pharmacy staff working in a pharmacy department that has SACT patients treated at their hospital must be trained to one of the following levels.

  • Level One:

For any staff who may come across SACT in their normal job, such as dispensary technicians, assistants and aseptics staff.


  • Level Two:

For all pharmacists or pharmacy technicians involved in verification of SACT prescriptions. This may be further split (if required by organisation) into:

  • Level 2a: dispensary pharmacy staff who can validate simple SACT prescriptions as defined by the organisation (such as hydroxycarbamide, imatinib, enzalutamide)
  • Level 2b: validate all SACT excluding cycle 1
  • Level 2c: validate all SACT including cycle 1


  • Level Three:

For specialist oncology pharmacists.

e.g, who are the cancer pharmacy lead at their site, approve protocols, have a national role or are highly specialised in a cancer area.