Governance, Advocacy and Publications (GAP) Subcommittee

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The primary purpose of the BOPA Governance, Advocacy and Publications (GAP) subcommittee is to build BOPA’s brand and reputation, respond to consultations and produce national publications. The role of the group involves:

  • To support the work plan of the BOPA Executive committee
  • Influence decisions within the political, economic, and social healthcare system in the UK and worldwide
  • Publish and engage in producing position statements, guidelines, standards and procedures
  • Establish strategic partnerships and representations with other organisations, nationally and internationally
  • Quality assure processes and activities through accreditations and consultations
  • Develop, update and maintain internal GAP SOPs to ensure appropriate conduct and protection of brand
  • Work alongside BOPA’s Chair and BOPA’s secretary to develop, update and maintain BOPA’s SOPs and governance documents.
Islam Elkonaissi

Islam Elkonaissi

Shereen Nabhani-Gebara

Shereen Nabhani-Gebara


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