The aim of the Genomic Medicine Special Interest Groups is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients by supporting the membership to systematically embed genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics into routine care.


Role of the group:

  • To act as a key stakeholder group for pharmaceutical issues relating to genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics
  • To provide a platform for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are involved/studying/interested in genomic medicine to network
  • To promote genomic medicine amongst the BOPA membership through signposting members to existing resources and through the development of resources that can be accessed through the BOPA website
  • Identifying key priorities for genomic medicine which will advance the professional role of oncology pharmacy professionals and enhance the safe and effective use of medicines in cancer patients
  • To provide an email platform to facilitate day to day discussion amongst group members
  • Facilitating the mentorship of less experienced BOPA members by members more experienced in genomic medicine
  • To share best practice and challenges related to genomic medicine and implementation
  • To develop the role of clinical genomics pharmacists in order to advance the adoption of genomics and stratified medicine in pharmacy and oncology
  • To develop and deliver education and training opportunities in genomics
  • To build a framework/infrastructure for collaborative working to facilitate delivery of a programme of audit and research in the fields of genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics
  • To provide expert group opinion towards national initiatives on genomics in pharmacy and oncology, e.g. HEE project on workforce development.
Emma Groves

Emma Groves


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Genomic Medicine Affiliated Group – Terms of Reference (October 2021)


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