NHS England Commissioning Cancer Pharmacists Group

NHS England funds specialists cancer pharmacists, from local hospitals on a sessional basis to support the work of local cancer commissioners and the National cancer team. The majority of the NHS England Cancer pharmacists are BOPA members. Your local NHS England specialised commissioning offices will have the contact details for your local Cancer Pharmacist. They can give advice on what treatments are commissioned, support local chemotherapy related CQUIN schemes and help with any cancer commissioning enquires.

We now have a Pharmacy Team page on the Cancer Drug Fund page on the NHS futures platform –  https://future.nhs.uk/CancerDrugFundPlatform/grouphome.  People can register using their NHS.net email and get the contact details of the NHS England Cancer Pharmacists

Contact details for the group members are published on the Pharmacy Team page on the Cancer Drug Fund page on the FutureNHS platform. Please register with the FutureNHS website https://future.nhs.uk then navigate to https://future.nhs.uk/CancerDrugFundPlatform/grouphome and register with this group. BOPA members in NHSE trusts in England will this site a valuable source of information on all aspects of the Cancer Drug Fund including local billing and registrations.

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Steve Williamson


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