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BOPA Special General Meeting (Virtual)


Start date: 17/06/24

Start time: 13:00pm

End date: 17/06/24

End time: 14:00pm

Dear BOPA Member


The BOPA Executive Committee team have been working with all the BOPA volunteers over the past few years to deliver and develop new educational content and webinars, increase the profile of BOPA by increasing collaborative work and networking, increase research support and output and creating the BOPA SACT passport. We hope that you have found this beneficial and we always welcome feedback on our work so we can continuously improve for our members and our patients.


To continue to deliver our workplan and vision we would like to propose to our members to increase the fees for Corporate Members. We will not be increasing individual membership fees at this time. Individual membership fees were reduced in August 2019 with the development of the new website and have remained at £55 for over 5 years – there is no plan to increase these fees. Corporate membership fees have not increased since 2019 (previous increase from £700 to £800) and we would like to propose a new fee structure for our Corporate Members.


To increase the corporate membership fees before October 2024 (the date of our AGM) we need to hold a ‘Special General Meeting’ as per section 26 of our constitution https://www.bopa.org.uk/resources/the-bopa-constitution/ to change the fees of our members (Section 7 of our constitution) with approval from our membership. 10% of our membership have to agree this change (as per section 27 of the constitution) therefore the special meeting may be followed by an online vote to confirm this.


MOTION at the meeting: To increase corporate fees from £800 to a 2 tiered membership.
Tier 1: £1500 (Current benefits associated to corporate member https://www.bopa.org.uk/join-bopa/).
Tier 2: £5000 (current benefits plus new corporate benefits including more sponsorship opportunities (e.g. podcast), and 1:1 meetings with the Executive Committee to discuss collaborations and priorities.  NOTE: these benefits will be agreed by the executive committee after review of the corporate member survey results. If you are a corporate member and have not completed the survey please do this before the deadline).


SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING DATE: Monday 17th June at 13:00 (BST)

Please confirm your attendance at the meeting via the following link: https://www.bopa.org.uk/bopa-sgm-170424-reg/


If you have any questions or concerns please let us know via email: [email protected] and if you are a Corporate member help us understand what you would like from your BOPA membership by completing our BOPA survey which will have been sent to your main account holder.

Please also see corporate membership policy HERE for more information: https://www.bopa.org.uk/resources/bopa-corporate-membership-info/

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and thank you for your continued support of BOPA.

The BOPA Executive Committee


An email has been sent out to the membership, click here to see a copy.


Name: British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA)

Email: [email protected]

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