Election to the BOPA Executive Committee 2021

We are delighted to have 12 excellent nominations to become members of the BOPA Executive Committee. The nominations and their supporting statements are listed below in no particular order. The positions we have available this year are:

  • 1 pharmaceutical industry representative
  • 4 standard committee member places

Please take the time to read each of the nominations and their supporting statements and vote for your top 5 candidates. Please note, that one space will be reserved each for a pharmaceutical industry representative, and therefore for those that qualify for those categories, the nomination with the most votes will automatically fill that position. Once that position is filled, of the remaining candidates, the four with the most votes will fill the four standard committee positions.

Once you have read the supporting statements, please cast your votes HERE

**The deadline for voting will close at midnight on the 30th September and the results will be announced at the virtual conference in October**

Many thanks
Emma Foreman and Seonaid McLachlan (BOPA co-Chairs)


List of Nominations

Emma Foreman (Consultant Pharmacist)
No. years oncology experience: 20
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: It has been my absolute pleasure to serve as BOPA co-chair over the last 3 years during which time we’ve delivered a major international oncology pharmacy conference, developed resources to support pharmacists through the COVID pandemic and delivered our first ever virtual conference. We’ve delivered virtual learning events including collaborative webinars with CaPhO and ISOPP, and taken over the Chair of the UK chemotherapy board. I am really keen to stay on for another term to keep the momentum going and facilitate a smooth transition to a new BOPA chair who will lead BOPA into the future. If I am re-elected, my focus will be on a move back to face to face events (COVID permitting of course) including a big reunion conference, a revamp of our e-learning collection and finding a solution for the production of national SACT protocols. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your participation in our various events and workstreams, BOPA is stronger then ever but we can’t do it without you!

Jennifer Joyce (Lead Oncology and Haematology Pharmacist)
No. years oncology experience: 17
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: I have worked in oncology for 17 years now and I have a passion for providing excellent services for cancer patients. I am the lead Oncology and Haematology Pharmacist at Southend Hospital, now part of Mid and South Essex NHS Trust. I have trained many staff over the years and I love to share my enthusiasm for oncology with junior staff and I am pleased that all of the staff that I have trained have stayed in oncology and continue to excel in other trusts.  I have been a BOPA member for many years and regularly attend the annual symposium –BOPA is a great platform for education, communication and support for fellow oncology pharmacy staff and I would love to have the experience of joining the committee and making a difference.

Colm Doody (Medical Affairs Manager, Oncology) (Industry)
No. years oncology experience: 12
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place, Industry representative
Supporting statement: I am an enthusiastic and innovative oncology pharmacist with experience in the hospital and industry sectors. My current role is in medical affairs at Pfizer. I made the move to industry in 2019 and have worked in solid tumour roles, including breast and lung. Prior to this, I was working in oncology pharmacy roles in the NHS, initially at Barts Health, followed by the Royal Marsden. I am a non-medical prescriber and have experience of setting up and running pharmacist-led clinics in breast cancer. At RMH, I also worked in e-prescribing during the pre-launch and implementation phases. I have been a BOPA member for 10+ years, throughout which the organisation has grown in size and stature. I am keen to join the executive committee now to share my experience and knowledge with oncology pharmacists across the country. If elected, I would be an advocate for strengthening the relationship between BOPA, the NHS, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Jessica Pealing (Lead Specialist Haematology Pharmacist)
No. years oncology experience: 9
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: I am the lead specialist haematology pharmacist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. I have a wide and varied experience in both solid tumour oncology and haematology in a range of different centres in the UK including Kings College Hospital, North Cumbria University Hospital, The Royal Marsden and Chelsea and Westminster. I have a specialist interest in haematological malignancies, bone marrow transplant and ATMPs, and I am a member of the UK BMT pharmacists group and the pan-UK advanced therapy treatment group. I hope to be able to provide support and learning and development programmes with smaller Trusts and NHS care providers as the cellular therapy landscape evolves. I am passionate about equity in care quality across the UK and recently collaborated on a research project highlighting variances in prescribing practices pan-UK which was presented at BOPA 2020. I have also lead a network-wide project to progress the ‘care closer to home’ initiative. The BOPA executive committee provides a platform for utilising existing links and create new collaborations to push boundaries in progressing innovative models of care delivery, education and training and research that reach all corners of the country to provide excellence in pharmaceutical care across interfaces.

Jenni Hatton (Advanced Pharmacist and Clinical Oncology – to start January 2022)
No. years oncology experience: 10
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: I am an enthusiastic pharmacist with experience across a number of sectors within oncology and haematology. I have been the lead pharmacist for the children’s cancer service in the East Midlands for the past 7 years and served on the steering committee of the paediatric oncology pharmacist (POP) group for the last two and a half years. As part of this role I have had some experience of the workings of the BOPA committee as I covered for a colleague’s maternity leave as link between POP and BOPA. Previously I have worked in oncology and haematology in adult services and I am excited to be returning to this area very soon. I am passionate about quality of care, and developing excellent teams to deliver that care. As I return to practising in adult cancer services, I recognise the value that BOPA offers, particularly in education and training and in networking and peer support. I am keen to support BOPA in continuing this valuable service. If successful in this application, I would bring experience in leadership and collaborative care to this role as well as a desire to learn and to help others access information, learning and development opportunities.

Hitan Patel (Medical Scientific Liaison / Clinical Pharmacist) (Industry)
No. years oncology experience: 5
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place, Industry representative
Supporting statement: Cancer care globally is constantly being transformed so that we can attempt to beat this deadly disease. Patients are at the forefront regardless of where you work in the cancer patient pathway. As a Medical Scientific Liaison, I am building rapport with clinicians and cross functional teams daily. This non-promotional role helps to shape the future of cancer care by supporting implementation of new and ongoing clinical trials, education and training, internally and externally. Previously working as an independent prescribing pharmacist in oncology outpatient clinics; has provided me with the skills and understanding of the NHS, clinical guidelines, and patient/colleague perspectives with regards to treatment pathways. I currently work in a private hospital as needed to support a variety of patient groups. If elected as a BOPA executive committee member, my pledge is to further support the promotion of pharmaceutical care excellence of patients through education, communication, research, and innovation by working together as a team. I have already achieved part of this by working on the ‘chemotherapy and alcohol’ poster project that was presented at the virtual BOPA Congress in 2020. Let’s achieve and succeed in BOPA’s aims together.

Shumi Tattersfield (Lead Pharmacist – Oncology)
No. years oncology experience: 13
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: As a longstanding member of BOPA and a pharmacist with 13 years oncology experience, I would like to join BOPA to help advance our profession and support career pathways. I strongly believe that with the growing number of cancer drugs and the complexity they bring, as pharmacists there is much we can do both clinically and as professionals. I would like to be involved with driving change in how a clinical pharmacist works from junior level all the way to consultant leave, and ensure as a group of professionals we are always driving change through evidence based medicine, best practice and through collaborative working. There is much we can learn from one another and being part of this shared platform will enable me to bring change locally and nationally. Having worked at both large hospitals and small centres, I have an understanding of the different challenges that our members face to deliver high quality patient care. I would value the opportunity to support the cancer pharmacy community to drive change where it is needed the most by providing support through education, providing national guidelines and being an advocate for our profession.

Junaid Mobeen (Specialist Clinical Practitioner/Lead Pharmacist – 0ncology)
No. years oncology experience: 4.5
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: As one of two lead pharmacists in oncology at Nottingham University Hospitals and chair of the East Midlands Cancer Pharmacists Network, I feel I could provide and gain valuable insight to and from the executive committee, through my work in the East Midlands region, my role as a practitioner, prescribing SACT and my leadership responsibilities within a large oncology pharmacy department. I am in the process of submitting my portfolio to the RPS for accreditation as a consultant pharmacist in oncology and am part way through an MSc in Cancer and Clinical Oncology at QMUL. Additionally, I am active in research and in 2021, have two abstracts accepted by the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) and have two case reports for the British Medical Journal under review. I have experience in teaching, having previously worked for Sheffield Medical School in a split post during my time as lead pharmacist for medicines optimisation in South Yorkshire. I have over four years of experience working in oncology, starting at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, and have been prescribing SACT for the last 2 years, specialising in prostate, bladder, gynaecological and colorectal cancers with a particular interest in developing digital reviews pathways through ePROMs.

Nisha Shaunak (Lead Pharmacist for Oncology)
No. years oncology experience: 22
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: I currently lead a busy, oncology pharmacy service at a large cancer centre and support NHS England as a cancer commissioning pharmacist. More recently, I have also been working as pharmacy lead for the South East Genomics Medicines Strategic Alliance (GMSA) and am a member of the pan-UK ATMP Working Group. Over the years, I have introduced several cancer therapies into practice, both in the NHS & private sector and have worked as an independent pharmacist prescriber. I am passionate about ensuring our oncology patients and pharmacy workforce are well supported and have a voice in the wider field of cancer. We are in a post-covid era where capacity, workforce development, personalised care through genomics, advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) and research all continue to be at the forefront of our agenda for managing patient and staff experience. As an oncology pharmacy community, we need to grasp opportunities and developing wider strategic healthcare partnerships with alliances, the RPS, NHS England and others to optimise and innovate future cancer care. Given my experience, I would like to help shape and influence the future strategic direction of our oncology pharmacy profession, through being a member of the BOPA committee.

Lisa Macloed (Lecturer/Clinical Pharmacist)
No. years oncology experience: 12
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: I’ve worked with BOPA for a few years contributing to the A&R committee and the Community Pharmacy Sub Committee including the development of Let’s Communicate Cancer. I’m keen to expand on nationwide collaboration and have a desire to increase our membership to include all sectors of pharmacy. I also enjoy being a resident Scot and would love to help represent the members north of the border!

James Clark (Head of Oncology) (Industry)
No. years oncology experience: 10
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place, Industry representative
Supporting statement: Having worked in Oncology services as a pharmacist for over 10 years I have seen BOPA as the most important vector to enable the spread of best practice. Despite that I think that BOPA can and should do more to reach a wider audience both pharmacy and non-pharmacy professionals. This has to include community pharmacy “ who have shown during the pandemic that they are able to reach into communities “ and make a real difference. There is also the private sector including homecare that can offer expertise and learn from the NHS. As some that has worked in the NHS and worked with the NHS “ there are fundamental flaws with the spread of best practice both inside and outside the NHS and therefore I would make it my priority to support with this agenda.

Andrew Walker (Advanced Clinical Pharmacist – Oncology)
No. years oncology experience: 11
Eligible position(s): Standard Committee place
Supporting statement: I am passionate about the role of pharmacy staff in treating patients with cancer and the support BOPA contributes to enable them to provide the best possible care. As the role of pharmacy staff change, with pharmacists increasing responsibilities for reviewing and prescribing and extended roles for technicians in counselling patients, BOPA should also evolve to continue to provide the best support to members. I am seeking election to the BOPA executive committee to help support this ongoing process and support BOPA members move towards enhanced clinical roles. I have experience of working across a range of NHS, private and educational bodies and hope to utilise these experiences to benefit BOPA members as part of the executive committee. I am currently co-chair of the Governance, Advocacy and Publishing subcommittee and sit as a member of the Research and Ethics subcommittee where I have first-hand experience of the positive impact that BOPA can have on setting the agenda in pharmacy practice. I would like to further this work and help BOPA to supports its membership and engage with the strategies which promote the role pharmacy professionals in treating patients cancer and support them to provide the highest standards of care.


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