Grandparenting Statement (suggestion)


Statement suggestion for grandparenting (suggestion only):

NAME has been authorised to verify in ORGANISATION since MONTH/YEAR (or for over X years) in the following areas: (delete those not authorised)
• Adult solid tumour
• Adult haematology
• Paediatric solid tumour
• Paediatric haematology
• HSCT: Adult autologous transplantation
• HSCT: Adult allogeneic transplantation
• HSCT: Adult CAR-T

NOTE: For each area – state if it is for all scripts or if there are any restrictions.

A CV/previous passport etc. can also be uploaded if available. Alternatively, it would be useful, if possible, to have a very brief employment history that is relevant for cancer services, including dates, employer, job title and whether they were actively screening SACT in that role and for which areas – onc/haem/paeds/SCT etc.