Pan-London SACT Verification Passport for Pharmacy

The RM Partners Medicines Optimisation Group, working with pharmacy colleagues from the North Central and East London Cancer Alliance and the South East London Cancer Alliance, has produced a new electronic Pan London SACT passport for pharmacy.This resource aims to standardise verification of SACT training and accreditation for pharmacy staff across London, by providing a competency and assessment framework system across London. This should enable staff to move seamlessly between organisations without the need for reaccreditation or training.The passport can be used by all NHS Trust pharmacy staff (pharmacists and technicians) working in oncology and haematology, who are required to undertake SACT accreditation.Feedback from a user survey across London found a clear need to update and enhance the contents of the existing SACT passport. This new resource replaces the previous London Cancer Alliance SACT education and training for oncology pharmacy, trainee workbook, and passport accreditation documents.There are new sections on funding, an introduction to SACT presentation and additional useful resources. A number of the documents are now writable PDFs and can be filled out electronically, including an updated library of mock prescription verification examples.There is also an interactive PDF which outlines the process of accreditation. It can be used to identify where the trainee will need to start, provides details of what needs to be completed and the resources to be used, in order to be signed off for the SACT passport. The SACT passport guidance will also provide further information, alongside the accreditation checklist.

The pan-London SACT Passport for Pharmacy is available here.

The summary PDF is available here



BOPA has developed a training package that uses the Pan London SACT verification passport for pharmacy resource. Please click here: BOPA Cancer Pharmacy Education & Training Standards

This programme has been developed to ensure that there is a baseline standard for training for all pharmacy staff within the UK who verify SACT prescriptions or discuss treatment with cancer patients. This guidance applies to parenteral and oral administration of SACT.

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