Important updates on the BOPA digital SACT Verification Passport

Since the launch

There has been an overwhelming uptake with most UK organisations registering for Passport use.
There is a specific email inbox manned by the verification passport volunteers, to address issues/queries with the Passport and we have our expert Compassly colleague supporting in terms of the APP itself. To contact us please use: [email protected]

Ongoing review of content

There has been an ongoing review of content based on feedback from users and as a result there will be an update to the 2a content.

The new format will be as follows:




2a simple 2a 2A – Cycle 2+
2a simple cycle 1   2A – Cycle 1
2b complex 2b 2B – Cycle 2+
2c complex cycle 1 2c 2C – Cycle 1


In summary, 2a will be split into cycle 2 onwards and cycle 1 for simple SACT prescriptions.

This addresses a previous unmet need of those pharmacists working in areas where they manage oral SACT only but will verify cycle 1 prescriptions.

The BOPA E&T standards will be updated to reflect this.
Passport users will be able to add/access “2a inclusive of cycle 1”, when this content is available for release. We will send out communication for this when this is ready.

New content

The Passport Pillar of the E&T subcommittee aims to periodically update the Passport content by removing outdated/superseded material and will add new resources to ensure each member has sufficient learning material to work through.

We would really appreciate contributions from the membership to develop this. Please keep an eye on emails as we will be sending out requests for contributions soon.

Pharmacy Technicians

The pharmacy technician role is so varied across the UK, and we’d like to make sure everyone is represented. We don’t have any technicians within the Pillar team – if anyone is interested, it would be great to work with you, so please get in touch. Equally if there is any feedback on the content and how you are getting on with the Passport, let us know.

New Lead for the BOPA digital SACT Verification Passport

As Netty Cracknell stands down and turns her attention to ISOPP, Sarah Mitchell takes over BAU with the Passport pillar. Sarah is a clinical pharmacist at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and over the last 6 months has received a hand over from Netty. Sarah will be the first point of contact for any verification queries via the email [email protected].

A few words from Sarah

A big thanks to those already involved, it’ll be another busy year for the team, but we hope to keep the momentum going and continue to do great work with this project.

Finally, a big thanks to Netty for getting this project off the ground, it’s been hard going but it’s finally up and running and the success of this is a credit to you.
And an extra personal thanks from me for your support during this transition!

On behalf of Sarah, Netty and The BOPA Verification Passport Pillar

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