Health Innovation Sprint Events

Health Tech Enterprises is a hub that supports the trust to commercialise our innovations. They are running a sprint challenge for potential innovators and this will give them access to expert support and guidance on the innovation process.
The first Health Innovation Sprint event will be in Cambridge on 17th May and the second in Norwich on 7th June.


Here is the company’s description of the events:

Our Health Innovation Sprints are essentially creative group problem solving within a compact time frame. We envisage 4-5 innovators from our NHS network who have new ideas for products will be selected to attend each sprint and we will build mixed teams of technical and business advisors around them to flesh out the ideas for new healthcare related products or services, develop and evaluate them and move them on significantly from the initial concept. The main expected outcome would be to stimulate new applications for funding or commercial collaborations and equip innovators with the information they need to further develop their ideas and facilitate introductions to solutions providers/advisors. I have enclosed some further information about the sprint event on our website and also an example agenda so you can get an understanding of how the day might look.

Health Innovation Sprints – HTE (

We would be delighted if you could share across your organisation and encourage staff who have new ideas for products or services to apply. The application form and submission details can be accessed via the above link (deadline 19th April). Our past sprint events have been a great success and empowered healthtech innovators with the insights and information they need to progress their ideas. Many past attendees have gone on to secure funding and investment to develop their ideas further and start new companies with some technologies already making a difference to patients across our ecosystem.


If you or your organisation are interested in the events or have any questions, please contact the company directly via the link above.

Click here to see the agenda of the events.

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